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September 2021 Lending Indicators

NSW Lending

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Lending to both investors and owner occupiers remained essentially flat in NSW in September.

Unlike Friday's stock of lending figures from APRA, the Lending Indicators numbers fit well with expectations and are reasonably straightforward to decipher.

July and August were slow sales months in Sydney, with just under 4k advertised sales in each month. This is down from 4.5k in June and 5.9k in May. Allowing for some catch-up processing and longer settlement periods, we expect a bit of a slowing in lending.

The expectation would be for lending figures to start rising again next month as September registered nearly 5k sales, and October ending up at over 5.5k.

Investor Ratio of Total New Lending

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With both OO and investor lending roughly unchanged, the investor ratio has remained essentially flat in September.

Lending for Alterations, Additions and Repairs

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Renovations lending year on year is probably going to head down in another month or two, as the ramp up started about 10 months ago. Renovations are still running hot, but base effects will mean that year on year rises shouldn't be nearly as dramatic as future months are compared to post-ramp up months a year earlier.

Note that these charts use seasonally adjusted ABS Lending Indicators data.