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Monthly Authorised Deposit Institution Statistics - September 2021

Household Accounts in ADIs ($Mil)

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As expected last month, September continued the trend of households savings skyrocketing in lockdowns. That brings the growth in household deposits to $200B since the start of the pandemic, or 1/5th of the total pre-pandemic stock of deposits.

There was more growth in the total stock of lending to owner occupier housing. The growth over the past year amounts to 8%

Investor Loans ($Mil)

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The pause in investor lending didn't eventuate, with, perhaps, slow processing times for applications effectively smoothing the differences in sales volumes.

The annual growth rate in the stock of inventor lending over the last 12 months is just 2.2%. That's interesting, since the annualised growth rate based on ABS's Lending Indicators would suggest a higher rate. That might be worth looking into in a bit more detail to understand whether investors are actually paying down their mortgages (which would explain the stock not rising at the pace of new lending).